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AT HOME - The first person to contact is the doctor. If death has been expected he will issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death which he could give you when he visits the house or he may ask you to collect it from the surgery later. The doctor will also give his permission for the Funeral Director to call and take the deceased to their Chapel of Rest. You will probably also receive a form detailing the particulars that will be required by the Registrar. If death is unexpected, the doctor will inform the Coroner who will let you know when the necessary certificates are prepared.

IN HOSPITAL - The hospital will make available the Medical Certificate of Death and their office will advise when this may be collected and where registration should take place.

NURSING HOME - The Nursing Home will contact you and inform you where the Medical Certificate of Death may be collected from and will probably ask you to contact your Funeral Director as soon as possible so that the deceased may be taken to their Chapel of Rest.