Swearers Funeral Service Heading


Our Standard service makes available all of the following:

  • 24 hour emergency service 365 days a year
  • Trained staff to organise funerals locally and countrywide
  • Liaise with clergy and co-ordinate Church requirements for all denominations
  • Qualified operators in the preparation and care of the deceased Trained staff to advise upon and complete the many aspects of funeral matters and problems
  • Private funeral arrangement facilities, or home visit if preferred
  • A wide selection of Coffins and Caskets to satisfy any personal wish Obtaining if necessary, Cremation Certificate and arranging additional Certificate from a specially qualified practitioner
  • Liaison with Cemetery or Crematorium for reservation of time and grave requirements
  • Use of Chapel of Rest
  • Preparing and inserting notice in local and national press, when required
  • Where necessary, liaising with Coroner and obtaining Certificate for Burial or Cremation
  • Return of Family at conclusion of funeral
  • Experienced Funeral Director with trained courteous staff for constant attention during the funeral
  • Advice on Memorials suitable for churchyard and local cemeteries with comprehensive Catalogues available on request
  • Drafting and arranging printed Service Sheets when required Organising of Thank you cards when required
  • Liaising with Crematorium for disposal of Cremated Remains The Videoing and Photography of Services, etc
  • Arrangement of Horse Drawn Funerals
  • Arrangement of Motorcycle Funerals
  • Arrangement of Green Burials