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Technologies Used

Silicon Fen Websites utilise a range of modern technologies in their design. For a simple site, the content will be written in XHTML, the latest standard for web content. The styling will all be controlled by a CSS document, enabling the style of the whole site to be changed simply and quickly.

For more advanced sites, we can add update areas only accessible by password, so that you can update frequently changing content without our intervention through a simple web interface.

Because we have access to the server access logs, we can provide you with information about how many people visit your site, how they found it, and what pages they look at.

Our server also provides us with database access, so dynamically generated sites can also be created. This would allow for displaying different images on each reload, possibly to show a range of products or examples of completed jobs. The range of possibilities with this technology is massive, so if you have ideas for advanced functionality of your site, contact for ideas as to how it may be achieved.

I have created a very small demonstration site to show how a site which the owner can easily modify without technical knowledge might function.