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Hosting Your Website

Silicon Fen Websites can host your website for you, either as part of the Ramsey site, or at your own address. Our hosting is done by an extremely reliable company, on a powerful server based in the Redbus Interhouse in London. Although we recommend that you allow us to host your site for you, sites designed by Silicon Fen are not in any way tied to our hosting, and you are free to have your site hosted where you wish.

If you choose to have you site hosted as part of the Ramsey site, you will benefit immediately from the high ranking that the Ramsey site has on many search engines. This is because search engines such as Google rank entire domains as well as individual pages. If you choose this option, hosting will be at an address of the form

We would only recommend setting up your own domain if you have a relatively large site. Having your own domain is more expensive and requires more administration; the primary advantage is that you can choose your own domain name.