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The Cost

Estimating costs of website design is a very difficult thing to do. Our prices are based on a fixed hourly rate. Setting up the style for a site typically takes about an hour. Processing text ready for display takes very little time at all. However, image processing can be quite time-consuming. Because of this, quoting prices per page or per n-page site is a very inaccurate reflection of the costs involved. We therefore quote on a job-by-job basis.

Silicon Fen Websites are happy to quote for site designs if you have an accurate idea of what you would like, and are happy to discuss where the cost is coming from and how it can be reduced. If you would like to discuss design costs with us, please contact

The charge for hosting your site as part of the Ramsey site is £25 per year, for a site of less than 5MB (the entire Ramsey site is about 0.6MB), and for less than 50MB of traffic per month (again, it's very unlikely that you'll exceed this). These restrictions are merely to ensure that no single site costs us more than we charge for it, and are unlikely to affect any of our clients. Prices for setting up and hosting an entire domain vary, so please contact us.