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About Silicon Fen Websites

Silicon Fen Websites is a web design company initially set up in 1998 by students of Ramsey Abbey School which designs and creates web sites for companies and other organisations, primarily in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire.

The company set up a site for the town of Ramsey, enabling businesses in and around the town to form part of a larger site. We are considering selling commercial advertising space on the Ramsey site, please contact us if you would be interested in this.

Silicon Fen Websites is now run entirely by Graham Stratton. In 2004, after a move to a new hosting company, I updated the site to utilise new technolgies such as PHP and to meet the more modern coding standards including XHTML and CSS. I believe that the whole site now complies with these standards, though if you know better please contact me and I shall rectify the problem.

It is our aim that our sites are as accessible as possible. If you have problems with accessibility, please contact us. Since 1st October 2004 it has been a legal requirement in the UK, as it is in many other countries, that certain efforts are made to make commercial sites accessible to disabled people. We aim, and believe that we succeed, to ensure that all of our sites easily meet this legislation. We are happy to consult as to whether your existing site meets these requirements.

Please browse this site to find out why Silicon Fen Websites is a good choice for web design. If you have any queries, please contact Graham Stratton at