School of Motoring
Pass Plus

The Pass Plus scheme provides further training for people after they have passed their practical test. It involves motorway driving, night driving, driving in heavy traffic (we normally take people to London), making progress along A and B roads, and adverse weather (weather permitting). After completing the course you will receive a certificate which will reduce the cost of motor insurance with most insurance companies, usually by around 25%. At present our insurance company is offering an exclusive scheme for pass plus certificate holders allowing a 30% introductory no claims bonus, and ongoing enhanced bonuses at renewal.

Please do not hesitate to request a contact number for enquiry.

The price is £128 for 8 hours all in one day, or £16 per hour for two four hour lessons.

The eight hour day course is broken down to 2 hours driving and a half hour break, 2 hours and a one hour break, 2 hours and another half hour break, and a final two hours. Thus the driving is spread over a total of 10 hours, and lunch is included.

The two 4 hour sessions have a half hour break after 2 hours.