Customer Agreement

How it Works

You prepare your garments and bring them into the shop during business hours (preferably not Saturdays or Tuesdays). A receipt will be produced for the number of items. Your garments will be checked during the next four days, after which you can ring or call to see if all your garments have been accepted. Any unwanted garments must be collected at this point. The garments will remain in stock for eight weeks. For those which have sold, you will recieve 40% of the sale price.

Condition of Garments

Garments for sale should be in an 'as new' condition. Garments with marks, stains, pulled threads, missing buttons, scuffed heels, etc will not be accepted.

Client Preparation of Garments

Season and Age

Please select garments for the appropriate season.


We are known for our quality and high standards. When pricing garments we will take into account the following criteria:

If you wish to agree a price for your garments please do so when you bring them into the shop. This price will be added to your receipt. If a price is not suggested then we will use our own discretion.

Displaying Your Garments

Following receipt of your garments, we will display them for a period of eight weeks; for the last two weeks the price of garments will be reduced by 25%. If your items do not sell we will hold them for two weeks for your collection. You will be given a collection date; garments which are not collected by the due date will go to charity.

Our Agreement

Our first responsibility is to the owner of the garments (the client). We will do our best to achieve a sale at the highest price we consider possible. The responsibility lies with the client to contact Carousel by the end of the agreed sale period. As we have many clients, we hope you understand that it is not practical for us to contact you. You are very welcome to telephone us on 01487 711981 during opening hours.

Clients recieve 40% of the actual sale price. We will assume any items not sold and not collected after the agreed period are not wanted and will donate them to charity (British Heart Foundation). If you cannot collect your garments by the due date please inform us. Our storage facilities are limited but we will do our best to accommodate you.